Thursday, December 13, 2012

Breaking: Democrats Grow A Spine

Via TPM:

President Obama has made it abundantly clear he will not surrender to the GOP’s demands if Republicans refuse to raise the debt limit next year. Democratic leaders on Capitol Hill say they have his back.

But what about rank and file Democrats? If the GOP is serious about replaying the 2011 debt limit crisis next year, would they unite behind Obama? If House Republicans pass debt ceiling legislation which includes billions or even trillions of dollars in cuts to social programs next year, and then leave town just before the deadline, would House and Senate Dems really call John Boehner’s bluff?

Early signs suggest they would.

“I don’t think the country will stand for it and I think Democrats will make it clear that you cannot threaten the economy of the United States for your political purposes,” Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-MD) said in response to a question from TPM on Wednesday.

Rank and file Democrats are starting to back him up.

Wow.  I’ll believe it when I see it, but stock up on the Jiffy-Pop just in case.