Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Cliff Report

Speaker John Boehner sounds like he’s rejecting the latest White House offer and going with Plan B.

The plan would leave in place across-the-board spending cuts to military and domestic programs that Republicans have been warning could have dire consequences, especially to national defense.

Which leads me to believe that the offer the president made, which included cuts in Social Security and a tax hike on people reporting incomes over $400,000, was an offer that he knew would get shot down so that he could then say, “Hey, I made a reasonable offer, pissed off a lot of folks on the left, and the Republicans still wouldn’t budge.”

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  1. Our forever-representative, Marcy Kaptor wrote an op-ed yesterday in which she assured us this “cliff” stuff is hooey. Not to worry she writes, it’s not a cliff or even a speed bump. She maintains the urgency is a typical right-wing attempt to get us so worked up we’ll tolerate the reduction of the government in all its bureaus and departments and services to next to zero. And we’re falling for it, aren’t we?

    • Well, actually, the sequestration that would hit on Jan 1 would be pretty painful. The problem for the GOTea is that the pain would be spread across all parts of federal spending – including DHS and DoD expenditures. For the “billions for defense but not one penny for entitlements” crowd, this is just unconscionable: let the poor starve and the sick die, just so long as we keep building F-35s (with a choice of engines) and CVNs.

      I should point out that these are the same geniuses who thought we could win the GWoT on the cheap, that we didn’t actually have to equip the troops going over there because they’d have such an easy time of it, and that we wouldn’t have to replace all the Nat’l Guard materiel (that had to be sent over b/c the Army didn’t have enough to begin with). And they’re the same geniuses who overfund the DoD but underfund the VA.

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