Thursday, December 20, 2012

Cliff Report

As we draw ever closer to January 1, the talks on the budget issue are beginning to sound less and less like serious fiscal management and more like a Roadrunner cartoon.

The clearest indication that House Speaker John Boehner’s final fiscal cliff ploy backfired came late Wednesday when he began modifying his so-called Plan B.

Plan B, recall, is legislation to lock in the Bush tax cuts for all incomes up to $1 million — a fallback plan he hopes will strengthen his negotiating hand with President Obama.

But late Wednesday, faced with a daunting whip count, Republican leaders did two things. First, they began entertaining the notion of tacking spending cuts on to the bill — to entice skeptical House conservatives to provide badly needed votes. (Their skepticism is understandable: Why should they vote for legislation designed to strengthen Boehner’s hand in deficit reduction negotiations they don’t support in the first place?)

Second, and crucially, they scotched a tandem plan to vote down legislation, supported by most Democrats, extending the Bush tax cuts for income up to $250,000.

That was the biggest tell of the day: Boehner can’t deep-six that bill, because he may need to pass it —with help from Democrats — if fiscal cliff negotiations with Obama fall apart completely.

Meep, meep.

5 barks and woofs on “Cliff Report

  1. How typical of Boehnhead: make promising noises, only to cave to the most rabid segment of his party.

    And lark, no they don’t understand that. The only legitimate pResident is a GOTea, white, male. Anyone else is an unAmerican usurper, who should be challenged on any and all counts – right up to whether s/he’s breathing.

  2. Are we tired of this already? Do you as I do press “mute” when someone, anyone takes up a discussion/argument about the scare being visited upon us by our own representatives? Don’t we all have other things to occupy our minds? Apparently this isn’t so with the White House press corps who jumped immediately from the topic at hand yesterday that being what Obama is going to do about stopping the gun mayhem to FISCAL CLIFF FISCAL CLIFF yada yada yada . . . (clicking mute).

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