Friday, December 7, 2012


Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC), is bugging out.

With a disappointing election in his rear view mirror and a budget compromise he could never swallow on the horizon, Senator Jim DeMint, the conservative Republican from South Carolina who helped ignite the Tea Party movement, is leaving the Senate to become president of the Heritage Foundation, a conservative research group.

ThinkProgress has eleven reasons why you should be glad he’s gone, including backing the whackjobs that ran for the Senate like Todd Akin and banning gay teachers from public schools.

This also removes any illusion that the Heritage Foundation, long touted by the Very Serious People as a mainstream conservative enterprise, will be anything but a chamber of nutjobs.

5 barks and woofs on “DeMinted

  1. He is going to make a lot of money, which is, of course, the only thing that matters in the whole world. Right, Mr. DeMint?

  2. This is actually a pretty smart move of DeMint’s.

    Consider: he’s in his 60s, his demographic is shrinking, and he’s a laughingstock in every blue state (and the blue appears to be finally spreading). The GOTea colleagues in the chamber that he could sway are either learning to listen a little less carefully, or are beginning to throw in the towel, and more than a couple got their pink slips last month. His next turn at campaigning is in four years: depending on who the Dems select, and given the horrific field of candidates we’ve seen from the GOTea the last two cycles, his chances of being tied to the craziest of the GOTea crazy in public opinion is a little too good for comfort. And his biggest backers aren’t at home: they’re in Ohio (Koch) and Nevada (Adelson). On the other hand, SC is in the grip of the Teahad, he has a fellow traveler in Gov. Haley, and whoever she appoints to replace him may have as much baggage overall, but no pieces as big and heavy as his from a national perspective.

    I don’t think he would have made a different choice had 2012 gone a different way. There’s a changing of the guard in the Reichwing think tanks: they’re throwing out the rabid ones, and replacing them with lycanthropes and calling that an improvement. This is DeMint’s chance to be part of that pack, and he can join it without being particularly afraid of who will replace him. And what happens to his replacement, made conveniently without his express anointing, can hardly be laid at his feet: it won’t be his fault if Haley appoints damaged goods that can get beaten by a decent Dem challenger, and he doesn’t have to risk facing that drubbing himself.

    I agree, though, that it spells the end of any pretense that the Heritage Foundation is anything more than the John Birch Society with booklarnin’.

  3. I am a shirttail relative of the man who established and funded the Heritage Foundation. He was John Olin, chairman of his family company, Western Cartridge which grew and evolved into Winchester Arms and their virtual subsidiary National Rifle Association. His family was old Alton, Illinois money and his near neighbor was Phyllis Schlaffly. Yes, that Phyllis. The NRA is a marketing arm of the arms manufacturing business of course. I’m amazed that the Foundation was ever seen as anything but a force for right-wing politics. It’s exactly the place for Jim DeMint.

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