Friday, December 14, 2012

Morning Visitors

Look who showed up for a little breakfast al fresco.

There are a lot of peafowl in the neighborhood. I think they are descendents of a flock that someone imported to make the landscape on their oceanfront estate look “exotic,” but they got loose and spread like starlings.

They are nice to look at, but they are also loud, they block traffic (“Hey, I’m walkin’ here!”) and they leave calling cards that would make a Great Dane get out of the business. Not so exotic.

3 barks and woofs on “Morning Visitors

  1. We have the same problem up here, except it’s Canadian geese not peafowl. Walking downtown the other day, I saw 10-12 geese lollygagging in the middle of a street. Cars were stopped and people were getting frustrated. I began herding the critters to the curb. Of course they broke up into little groups and meandered in elebenty different directions. After 15 minutes of shooing, they were all off the street. Applause and thumbs-up were my reward. Oh, and the goose poop on the bottom of my shoes…

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