Thursday, December 13, 2012

Question of the Day

Calling all vintage clothiers…

What is the oldest piece of clothing that you own?

You don’t to wear it, but you still own it.

For me, it’s a wool overshirt — more like a jacket — that I got when I took a six-week NOLS backpacking course in 1974.  I wore it the entire trip, and when I got home, I had it dry cleaned.  It’s been hanging in my closet ever since, and I wore it a lot when I lived in Michigan.

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  1. My dad’s Dress Eisenhower uniform from WWII, my brother wore it in high school and then I wore it in high school and college, it has been dry cleaned and hanging in the closet for 30 years.

    • I should specify we wore the uniform jackett not the whole uniform. In fact I only got it because my brother wore it when he was ROTC and it still had all the insignia and rank on it and that was a code violation for him. To quote the Who — ‘I wear my wartime coat in the wind and sleet.”

  2. Believe it or not, two fifteen year old tee shirts I wear all the time in warm weather. In a store one day I snatched up two black and two gray tee shirts, and I still have one of each. They’re like the energizer bunny…they just keep going and going.

  3. Hmmm….

    Not sure. There’s Dad’s WW2 USN blues, and his Annapolis class ring, which are of a piece. I can’t wear the uniform (shorter and broader than he was) but the ring fits. I THINK those are the oldest clothes. Blankets? Now there, I think there are a couple Civil-War-era in a chest someplace…

    Of stuff I bought: a Union Bay sweater from 1988. Still fits, though it does look like it walked off the set of Ruthless People.

  4. If a hat counts, I have my dad’s dress hat. He always looked like Humphrey Bogart when he wore it. Don’t laugh, but I have a lot of dress shirts from the 70’s and maybe a double knit leisure suit.

  5. Does jewelry count? I have a delicate little bracelet that my mother got when she was in high school (early 1930’s). My wonderful, warm down coat is about 30 years old. It needs more feathers but that’s not a job I’m going to tackle!

  6. Probably my John Anderson for President T-shirt. I actually didn’t own it in 1980 but found it in a thrift store about 1990. I wore it again just before this year’s election, to a potluck with a group that includes someone named John Anderson. He didn’t show up, though!

  7. Until a couple years ago, I had my 1974 Army Class A uniform. It still fit in 2003….would be a might tighter today. But now? I have an evening gown from the mid-80’s and do still wear it occasionally.

  8. I have a Pendleton plaid wool shirt I got when I was a camper at Cheley Colorado Camps. I was about 13. It may not be as old as the OP’s but then I’m not sure how old he is. The shirt is 70 years old.

    We also have carefully covered in cleaner’s bags my husband’s midshipman blues and white cap. No one in our family could possibly wear it now. He weighed no more than 135 pounds then and was 5’10”. Skinny little guy – 17 years old when he volunteered and just out of high school.

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