Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Question of the Day

The mailbox — both snail and electronic — is beginning to fill up with Christmas and holiday cards.  I like getting them, too, but it’s been years since I sent them.  What about you?

Do you send out Christmas/holiday cards?

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  1. I send cards to friends and family spread across the states, generally as a reminder that I’m still alive. I get only a few in return, but I’ll keep at it if just for the sake of tradition.

  2. Nah. And I don’t read the yearly pages inserted in cards with life’s updates that come from relatives I haven’t seen in years or erstwhile friends whose names have faded in my address book either. Merry Christmas!

  3. We do a combination of mailed and emailed cards. Our letter is never more then a collage of photos and captions from the previous year. This is emailed or inserted in a mailed card.

  4. I always mean to…and then I don’t, and I feel guilty. It’s sort of the same as putting luminarias out on Christmas Eve. I have the bags, the sand, the candles, I just don’t have the back and the time. Hell…I have to work until 5:00 on Christmas Eve.

  5. Nope, I got a card from my youngest. Christmas is the grandson’s birthday, so tomorrow I’ll be sending him a birthday card with some money. I sent his mom money 3 wks ago for christmas and birthday presents; she buys them and puts my name on them. I just hate shopping and then the shipping.

  6. It’s very important to one person in our house. We went so far as to fly one family member home for the weekend just to get the snapshot. Though I don’t share the passion for it, this is a huge deal here, so I help in any way I can to make it go smoothly.

    And I admit to enjoying seeing the cards and updates from so many others. Even the one who sends a card that is the joke of everyone who gets it. So massive it recently expanded to a trifold, covered with uncaptioned photos of them with a parade of unknown minor celebrities, and filled with a three page missive detailing every moment of their pointless, idle-rich life, it is awaited with bated breath for the amusement factor alone.

  7. Yes, every year. And most years, we make our own since I live with two excellent photographers. We affix suitably holiday-related 5 x 7 prints to cards after printing our own message in pretty fonts on the inside.

  8. I do not send email cards but I definitely send real Christmas cards via U.S. Post Office. I’m of an age (65) when getting stacks of Christmas cards was as much a part of the holiday as the tree and wreath. I receive only a few cards in recent years as I’ve lost many friends and relatives but I enjoy the cards that I do receive. Fresh greenery, real Christmas cards, and homemade bread, cake, or cookies as gifts given or received are still among the best parts of Christmas for me.

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