Friday, December 14, 2012

Susan Rice Ends It

I had a feeling this would happen.

U.N. Ambassador Susan E. Rice withdrew her name Thursday as President Obama’s leading candidate for secretary of state, saying the administration could not afford a “lengthy, disruptive and costly” confirmation fight over statements she made about the extremist attack in Libya that killed four Americans.

Rice called Obama on Thursday morning, before sending him a letter officially withdrawing from consideration. Rice said in an interview that she had concluded early this week that what she and Obama considered “unfair and misleading” charges against her over the Sept. 11 attack in Benghazi, Libya, would impede the president’s second-term agenda.

“This was my decision,” Rice said. When asked if Obama had tried to dissuade her, she said that he “understood that this was the right decision, and that I made it for the right reasons.”

And I also agree with Josh Marshall:

I have to say I find this disappointing. I didn’t come into this with any particular feeling that Susan Rice needed to be Secretary of State. I was even a tad surprised when someone first floated the idea to me a couple months ago. But a totally cooked up smear campaign against Rice seems to have worked. My sense was that the President was personally deeply offended by the attacks on Rice. And yet it worked. I’m curious to find out what really happened.

And I also think that this would not have happened if she had been a white man.

Did President Obama cave on this after going out there and basically told John McCain and his little minion Lindsey Graham to make his day?  Perhaps.  Are the Republicans going to gloat about this and claim they rolled the president?  Sure; smearing someone with dog shit and then laughing and pointing is the kind of thing they love to do.  The fact that this will underline their inability to reach out to women and minorities is one of the reasons they lost the election last month is beyond their comprehension, and even if it wasn’t, they don’t care.

With apologies in advance to anyone aged twelve to fourteen, the whole thing stinks of a junior high school clique fight.

3 barks and woofs on “Susan Rice Ends It

  1. I think she has been treated just horribly. She could have done the job well. The woman is a Rhodes scholar, but mean old cranky McCain said she was stupid. They all ganged up on her over some bs. It was a witch hunt, and I do not blame her for saying she wanted the whole thing to be over. They would have made the hearings merry h-ll for her. It is ridiculous to treat her this way. I am so glad I am a Democrat. The Republican Party proved they are racist and sexist.

  2. The Republican Party is on a downward spiral. Maybe if and when they rise out of the ashes, they will be a more humane and honest party.

  3. She is definitely a person of high principle. By stepping aside for the good of the country and the presidency, she proved she has class. Damn Republicans! They don’t know quality when they see it.

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