Friday, December 21, 2012

What Did You Expect?

If you were expecting NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre to offer anything other than a weaselly and pathetic screed about how the NRA is the real victim of the massacre in Newtown and everybody else is to blame, then I would like to smoke what you have been drinking.

Charlie Pierce:

You have to give Wayne credit. He didn’t cut the whiskey with water. We need more guns in schools. Gun laws don’t work, not even registration, but we should register all the mentally ill, because the mentally ill don’t have a few million dollars and a lobbyist like Wayne LaPierre dedicated to gutting the law that would register them. The media should stop lying and being ignorant and engaging in a massive cover-up of the existence of Kindergarten Killers. Congress should immediately empower retired cops and firemen and put armed guards in every American school, although Wayne doesn’t know fk-all how we’ll pay for it, but, boy, those guys are really brave. Guns don’t kill people. Deranged people kill people. “Bad guys” kill people. Grand Theft Auto kills people. American Psycho kills people. (Lock up Christian Bale, especially now that the Dark Knight cycle is over.) “The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is with a good guy with a gun.”

Is it too late to get that Mayan calendar back?

11 barks and woofs on “What Did You Expect?

  1. Isn’t the NRA one of the outfits whinging about the “entitlement society” and all those undeserving louts collecting SocSec, Medicare, food stamps and (gasp) unemployment – at government expense? Isn’t it one of the outfits perpetually upset with Big Gubmint spending and interference in society? And yet, the very first thing they can suggest in this case, is hiring more cops to put in schools – because more cops with more guns is somehow going to make everyone safer (Hello?! Rodney King. Ennis Cosby. Rampart. ‘Nuff said.). And no mention whatsoever about what a huge public sector expansion this would be, or how much municipalities and states will be on the hook for the additional payroll, or how many PDs have shrunk (some drastically) over the last several years because their jurisdictions can’t pay for all those officers anymore (officers, BTW, that in at least some cases would have been redeployable to those very same schools had their departments had the funds to retain them).

    One almost gets the idea that this is, rather than a transparent ploy to redirect attention away from the guns, a shameless plug for all the private “security” companies who are in the best possible position to ramp up and provide all the additional security personnel. Because (as in the case with FL highway rest areas) nothing makes you feel safer than a septuagenarian old coot with a tin badge and a gun, and because Blackwater/Xe/whatever-they-call-themselves-today needs an(other) image makeover, and being the armed protectors of Teh Kiddies will do as well as any other.

  2. Oh – and dunno if you’ve seen this, but there’s some company making “bulletproof” backpacks for schoolkids who’s making a killing after this latest event – despite the fact that the packs aren’t proof against an AR-15’s firepower.

  3. “Help! I’m addicted to heroin. It’s killing me and destroying my family!”

    “Clearly what you need is more heroin.”

    — said no one ever.

  4. His idea is a crock of you-know-what. I couldn’t believe the stupidity of it all. Is the NRA going to pay for all those policeman?

  5. Know how to shut Wayne up? Agree that a couple of armed guards in ever school is a GREAT idea! And we can pay for it with a tax on guns and ammo!

  6. I would like to see private security at all places where more than 25 people gather at once. A tax on weapons and ammunition sales (30%sounds good). Acorn and the New Black Panthers would be happy to provide security contacts. Or would that get shot down quickly? OOOOOHHHH!

  7. LaPierre is a lobbyist for the gun manufacturers and his job is to get more people to buy guns and the stuff that goes with them like holsters and drums of ammunition so his clients can say how profitable the returns on investments have been the last quarter. If you look at it that way, he was only doing his job. NRA members are ploys in the grand scheme of things, shills who have bought into the manufacturer’s program to advance their interests not unlike all of us who kept buying cigarettes even knowing we were giving ourselves cancer. I don’t know what we all expected Wayne to say anything else.

  8. I work for a police agency and the volume of people coming in to apply for concealed weapons permits this week was DOUBLE the average.

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