Friday, December 28, 2012

Winter Wonderland

I really do like living here in Florida.  I like the fact that it’s the end of December and I have the patio door open to warm up the house after last night’s cool front passed through.  And after spending nearly forty-five years in the grips of cold grey winters, I freely admit that the subtropical climate is much more to my liking.

But every now and then I am reminded — usually by friends who are good photographers — that winter can be beautiful.  Ice and snow and clouds can make their own beauty and be very striking.  And I have my own proof of it.

Stony Point – December 31, 1972

This is a photograph I took nearly forty years ago on New Year’s Eve 1972 on Northport Point, Michigan.  I was walking back to my grandmother’s house from visiting some friends and stopped to look out over the little bay that opens onto Grand Traverse Bay.  It was fairly late in the afternoon, and I had just loaded my Yashica TL-E camera with Tri-X Pan film.  I snapped the picture, then hurried on back to the warmth of the fireplace and a hot toddy.  When I got the prints back from the drugstore (remember sending film off to be developed?), I was impressed with the composition.  I had the print blown up, and it hangs on my bedroom wall.

(Note: the slightly askew angle is a result of scanning.)