Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Carrying On

George F. Will doesn’t think women can measure up to the rigors of combat:

You’re 6’4″, 240-pound Marine, and you’re injured, and you need a Marine next to you to carry you back to safety, and the Marine next to you is a 5’4″ woman who weighs 115 pounds. It’s relevant.

Yeah, except there are plenty of ways to do it without being a buff dude.

Once again another right-wing talking point gets run over by reality.  What’s next; fighting women won’t be lady-like?

3 barks and woofs on “Carrying On

  1. And if the fireman’s carry isn’t feasible, people can be dragged to safety using their clothing. a blanket, making a travois out of tree branches (or even rifles), etc. Adrenaline can help make people even stronger. The videos in the link are a bit deceiving. All of the people being lifted are standing up. It’s harder to lift someone if s/he’s lying on the ground.

    Hmmm, maybe George could be dragged by his bowtie?

  2. I’d like to see a 5’10” 195lb. man do a carry-out of a limb body thirty pounds heavier than he. I’ll bet he’d do what Julie suggests: drag the dude to safety. Anyway, women have been under fire for all the years they’ve been in the military, whether flying a helicopter or working behind the lines. What difference does it make where the device blows up and takes off your legs?

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