Thursday, January 10, 2013

Do The Reich Thing

It was inevitable that as soon as the Obama administration started sending up trial balloons as to what they would like to see in terms of new gun laws someone would bring up Hitler.

Eventually, any conversation about gun control in America ends with someone, somewhere opposed to new gun regulations comparing the proponents to Adolf Hitler.

In the post-Newtown push for new gun laws, that day was Wednesday. Accusing gun control supporters of easing the country one step closer to fascism is a time-honored tradition in American politics and one of the tools the gun rights crowd uses to warn Americans away from talking about gun control in the first place. But with the country still reeling from the shooting deaths of 20 elementary school students, supporters of new gun control laws say the tactic is not going to work this time.

On Wednesday, the Drudge Report splashed an image of Hitler and Josef Stalin over a link to Vice President Biden’s contention that the White House may consider using its executive power if Congress proves unable to act.

So far the only people who have stood up for the NRA are the loudmouths and the mildly entertaining gun advocates such as Alex Jones.

By the way, Hitler actually expanded gun ownership rights in Germany in 1938, but why let the facts get in the way of a good scare tactic?

Steve M:

Gunners will tell you they’re all about freedom, but they’re not. They’ll tell you they’re all about keeping government power at arm’s length, but they’re not. They care about making public displays of their power and rubbing liberals’ faces in those displays. They care about having hero fantasies of themselves, and imagining their like-minded neighbors as their vanquishing army.

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  1. I’m still all in favor of tying these 2nd Amendment shouters to universal service. Own guns? Fine. Carry one? Well, ok. But since the purpose of this is a “well-regulated militia” according to the amendment, if you own one (and definitely if you carry one), you need to know how to use it, and you need to know how to use it in the manner prescribed. That includes taking orders as well as giving them, proving that you’re more than some lump of lard with a firearm fetish, and generally learning to use this particular instrument in service to your community, state and nation. Because nothing in the 2nd Amendment stipulates that your right is solely for your own personal protection or the protection of your own personal property, or your own personal right to challenge civic authority just because you think you have the Founding Father’s approval to be prepared for that.

    I would bet that, if the Left tied unrestricted gun ownership to universal service (1 tour of duty minimum), we’d hear a lot less from the NRA, and relative silence from the chickenhawks – once their kids are in uniform. “Citizen soldier” is a beautiful image, but it makes for a lot less gratuitous warmaking, much higher awareness of the responsibilities of gun ownership, and (most of all) much lower sufferance for random gun violence tolerated merely to preserve the privilege.

    It would be useful in turn to revisit all the mandatory sentencing efforts of recent decades, and the War on Drugs. If getting tough on gun-related crimes is anywhere on the radar, then we need to stop putting people away for extended periods just for having a single joint in his/her pocket – or stealing a loaf of bread.

    As for the Godwin thing, I do love how the least-intrusive public safety measure or healthcare-access (or any other otherwise-public-good) effort is loudly denounced as some Leninofascist extreme, and yet the constraints they demand (lock up all offenders and throw away the keys [unless said offenders broke finance or campaign law]; impoverish adulteresses [since, well, we can’t stone them anymore]; imprison as many non-adulterous-FundiEvangelical sex offenders as possible [since branding is out]; silence any and all criticism on Freedom of Religion grounds [unless it’s a disagreement on the heat of the branding irons or homilies on the quality of workhouse output]; and immediately and irrevocably deport all Teh Brown Peeps [until it’s time for the harvest, and then bring’em back by the containerful just long enough to get produce to market]) are far more absolute, onerous and painfully reminiscent of similar suggestions from the Thousand-Year Reich or various Five Year Plans.

      • Thanks.

        And I can’t help but think some of the 2nd Amendment whinging is a reaction to decades of “I’m gonna sue” and the resulting quagmire that it caused the courts to become. You’ll notice the latest wave came after the last whinging about “frivolous lawsuits” and “tort reform”; now the same people who wanted to make their fortunes from proving how X wronged instead are demanding their right to shoot X dead rather than waste their wealth on some lawyer in a courtroom where their victory isn’t assured.

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