Saturday, January 19, 2013

Economic Stimulus

Apparently the mere idea that President Obama is even thinking about doing something to curb the sale of assault weapons has scattered the pigeons — including the clay ones, I suppose — within the gun community.

Interviews with gun store owners in four states after Obama’s speech show that passion among buyers has not decreased over the month since Newtown; if anything, Obama’s speech appeared to set off a new frenzy of buying, with some stores running low on guns.

“We were just swamped in here as soon as he got off the news,” manager Bill Loane of Pasadena Pawn & Gun in Maryland said of the reaction to Obama’s gun proposals. “People were just pouring through the door.”

As the first news was breaking in Connecticut a month ago, buyers were having the same reaction. Between 11 a.m. and noon Dec. 14, firearms retailers in the state were busy performing 105 background checks – nearly double the amount logged in the same lunchtime hour a week earlier.

A total of 725 background checks were performed that day, up from 585 a week before. The trend continued in the days ahead, resulting in a 55 percent week-over-week increase in checks.

And they said Barack Obama was doing nothing to stimulate the economy.