Thursday, January 17, 2013

GOP Plan: If You Can’t Win, Cheat

The last two presidential elections showed the Republicans that their ideas and candidates are having a tough time winning a majority of the American electorate.  The simple solution would be to come up with better ideas and more palatable candidates.  So far, though, their solution has make it harder for people to vote with phony scare tactics about voter fraud and gerrymandering districts, sometimes house by house, so that even if the Democrats win the majority of the votes in the state, the GOP still wins the Congressional district.

Now they’re working on a way to fix it so that even the presidential election is rigged in their favor.

The RNC chair is encouraging Republican governors and legislators—who, thanks to the “Republican wave” election of 2010, still control many battleground states that backed Obama and the Democrats in 2012—to game the system.

“I think it’s something that a lot of states that have been consistently blue [Democratic in presidential politics] that are fully controlled red [in the statehouse] ought to be considering,” Priebus says with regard to the schemes for distributing electoral votes by district rather than the traditional awarding of the votes of each state (except Nebraska and Maine, which have historically used narrowly defined district plans) to the winner.

Pennsylvania — the state that has already been to court over its voter ID law that was supposed to “guarantee the election for Mitt Romney” — is thinking about it, as are several other states like Ohio and Virginia, both of which were won by Barack Obama in the last two elections.  (It goes without saying that something will be in the works here in Florida.  They’ve got nothing better to do.)

Democracy: it was fun while it lasted.

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