Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hurt Fe-Fe’s

NPR dutifully reported that some Republicans were upset by President Obama’s inaugural address.

Whiny BabyMARA LIASSON, BYLINE: Republicans didn’t just object to President Obama’s speech, they were affronted by it. Whit Ayres is a Republican pollster and strategist.

WHIT AYRES: Republicans were hoping for something akin to the president’s 2004 convention speech where he talked about there being no red America or blue America, but a United States of America. But his tone yesterday was 180 degrees away from that tone in 2004. It was graceless, confrontational, combative, in your face.

LIASSON: It was the tone, even more than the substance, that bothered Republicans. House Budget Committee chair Paul Ryan, who was Mitt Romney’s running mate, told the Laura Ingraham Show today that Mr. Obama’s speech departed from the approach of a traditional inaugural address.


REPRESENTATIVE PAUL RYAN: There was sort of, you know, campaign’s over, bring everybody together and try and unify. That was not a speech we got and it doesn’t surprise me that he did that because he’s basically saying: I’m a liberal and I’m going to govern as a liberal and I won, so there.

They were affronted!  Oh my stars and garters!  Oh my ears and whiskers!  How will they ever recover?  This could be the end of comity and bipartisanship in Washington!


After four years of some of the most vicious and childish backbiting and foot-stomping tantrums from the Republicans, plotted out on the night that Barack Obama was first sworn in four years ago, they want him to come back to them with his hat in his hand and play nice?

They should count themselves lucky that the inaugural speech didn’t include “Bite me.”

Get over it.  You lost.  Move on.  So there.

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  1. This my beef with NPR in a nutshell. “On the one hand, on the other hand” going nowhere interviews that drive me to turn the dial or push the “jump” button on the remote. Who, may I ask, gives a damn about what Paul Ryan thinks of the inaugural address? Who is Paul Ryan anyway?

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