Sunday, January 6, 2013

Park Plotz

When I went out to get the paper this morning, I heard a raucous noise coming from the tree next to my neighbor’s house.  I went inside, grabbed the camera, and took some photos of a pride of peacocks roosting in said tree.

I know peacocks can fly, but I have never seen them roosting this high in a tree before.  And I’m pretty sure my neighbor had no idea they did either, or else he wouldn’t have parked his car underneath it.


Glad I don’t have to wash it.

One bark on “Park Plotz

  1. Strange fruit!

    We’ve had a serious crow problem up here. Literally thousands of them were roosting around the Mayo Clinic buildings and hospitals. The sidewalks and parked cars were covered with guano. Mayo does not like all of that crap being tracked into the medical areas. There’s an eradication program going on, which involves noise and lasers. Supposedly, the crows have now moved away from downtown. Might explain why there’re more in my neighborhood now!

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