Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Question of the Day

We’ve done this one before, but it’s been a while.

What book(s) are you reading?

I’m working my way through god is not great by Christopher Hitchens.

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  1. Still pushing my way through the Autobiography of Mark Twain. Going slow with it. Finishing up Imagine, by Jonah Lehrer (that’s the one where he made up quotes from Bob Dylan; still a pretty good book).

    Up next is probably a Christmas present: “Telegraph Avenue” by one of my favorites, Michael Chabon.

  2. Just finished Rabble in Arms, and oldie but goodie from Kenneth Roberts. Will now tackle The Long Road to Antietam by Richard Slotkin and The Cold, Cold Ground by Adrian McGinty, a fine Irish crime fiction writer.

  3. “Full Body Burden” (2012) by Kristen Iverson, who grew up a stone’s throw away from Rocky Flats Nuclear plant in Colorado. It’s a real eye-opener, even for the jaded like me. Well written and reads like the real-life thriller it is.

  4. Are you ready? “Thinking The Twentieth Century” – Tony Judt
    “Dear Life” – Alice Monro
    “Dearie” – Bob Spitz
    “The Lsst Lion” – Williams Manchester & Paul Reid
    “Hitch 22” – Christopher Hitchens
    “Road Dogs” – Elmore Leonard

    Do you think I’m ADHD or something ….?

  5. LOL! I’m in the process of dusting 14 bookcases and reading bits as I take books off the shelves. You really don’t want a list of titles! Needless to say, this cleaning job is taking a lot longer than it should…

    I just finished The Dragon Will Survive by Marjorie Whittlesey. She was a nurse in China during WWII. Interesting tidbit: She met and fell in love with a soldier named John Birch. Yes, that John Birch. In the afterward, she wrote that he’d be horrified at what his name stands for now. He wasn’t that kind of person at all. Shouldn’t be too surprising that the RW has distorted history…again.

  6. I have a stack. I just finished “The Round House” by Louise Erdrich, a novel about the issue of rape on Indian reservations—un-prosecutable if done by non-tribal members. I’m still painfully struggling thru Sandburg’s “Lincoln”…stuck in book #4, I’m reading “The Little School” by Alicia Partnoy, about the torture of the “disappeared” in Argentina. Novels by Rushdie and Eco await me, and I am thinking of re-reading “Kim” by Kipling.

    • If you’re into the war between the states no better memoire has been written that U.S.Grant’s autobiography. Amazing that he could put it all down while it was still scorching his memory and even while dying of cancer of the larynx. He wrote it to pay off his creditors so Julia wouldn’t be burdened with them along with the realization it was their oldest son who drove them into bankruptcy. Grant is one of my heroes.

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