Thursday, January 24, 2013

9 barks and woofs on “Random Thought of the Day

  1. If it were anyplace but Kentucky, I’d think the voters would relieve ole Rand of HIS duties. But down there, he’s exactly what they want: unfettered access to guns, lots of gummint services, no taxes to pay for them, keep them wimmen and minorities in their place.

    Abe Lincoln: “Tell me again WHY I fought the Civil War?!?”

  2. I watched that yesterday and I immediately thought the snarky response would have been to say – My keeping my job is the least of the reasons I can think of that I am immensely thankful that you were not the president during this time or any other for that matter.

  3. The disrespect and contempt shown by this “gentleman” comes from knowing that Hillary Clinton is much smarter and the kind of statesman he will never be.

  4. I have a hard time thinking a state that would elect Rand Paul to AND Mitch McConnell to the Senate would have any chance of electing Ashley Judd. Or anyone sane.

  5. Remember the retort and I think it was Henry Clay that he would rather be right than President. He need never worry because he would never be either. Hillary should have told Rand P. he need never worry because he would never be either; President or Hillary’s boss.

  6. As I’ve said before, Rand Paul looks just like Hitler when he was young. And Paul’s comment had obvious overtones of male chauvinist pig in it.

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