Saturday, January 5, 2013

Schoolhouse Rock at 40

On their 40th anniversary, the Kennedy Center will salute the TV spots that made learning grammar and social studies a part of Saturday morning cartoons.

I was already in college when they started, but they came in mighty handy when I was teaching middle school English and the entire class would burst into “Conjunction Junction — what’s your function!”

One bark on “Schoolhouse Rock at 40

  1. My High School Government teacher assigned us the task of memorizing the preamble to the Constitution. After the third kid sang it, he asked if we’d put it to music to make it easier to remember. We then had to explain Schoolhouse Rock, and how we learned between cartoons on Saturday morning. Conjunction Junction, Interjectinos!, and Nouns were some of my favorites. Make it fun, and kids will learn anything.

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