Tuesday, January 15, 2013

That’ll Teach ‘Em

Despite President Obama’s warning that “we are not a deadbeat nation,” the GOP is ready to play it hard just to teach the nation a lesson about the debt ceiling and to prove to the voters that they’re really butch.

House Speaker John Boehner “may need a shutdown just to get it out of their system,” said a top GOP leadership adviser. “We might need to do that for member-management purposes — so they have an endgame and can show their constituents they’re fighting.”

That’s like saying to Captain Smith on the bridge of the Titanic in April 1912:

We might need to ram that iceberg just to show the world that we weren’t kidding when we said this ship was “unsinkable.”

Full speed ahead, ensign.

One bark on “That’ll Teach ‘Em

  1. Actually, most of the research I’ve seen says that if Titanic had hit the ‘berg head-on, she probably wouldn’t have sunk.

    Just saying…

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