Friday, January 25, 2013

The Nostalgic 90’s

For my nieces and nephews.

Cute, but I’m sticking with Firefox.

7 barks and woofs on “The Nostalgic 90’s

  1. As someone who spends the good part of every day writing web stuff, I have only one thing to say to the IE team: GODDAMN YOU!

    If these a-holes would spend any effort at all making the thing adhere to the standards that Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, and everyone else diligently follows — and that Microsoft is a signatory to — then the world would be a much better place. But even though they are on IE version 10, and they promised years ago that they’d stop being slackers and would adhere to the standards, it’s still frigging broken.

    Every web designer has to spend a good deal of their life saying “great it looks good, now how bad did IE f*&% it up?” Every web site you go to loads slower and looks crappier because the web designer had to make compromises for how bad IE sucks.

    Friends don’t let friends use IE.

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