Friday, January 18, 2013

With Friends Like These

Some gun-rights advocates are sponsoring Gun Appreciation Day tomorrow.  The point seems to be that they are getting a bum rap from all the negative publicity from recent events.

I love guns and the fact that we live in a country founded on rugged individualism. Because of that, many citizens are very pro-gun. Contrary to what you may hear from the anti-gun crowd, this doesn’t make these citizens a bunch of crazies bent on turning every corner of America into the Wild West. It’s just the opposite. These patriots respect our Second Amendment right to bear arms as the chief means we have of ultimately protecting our individual liberties, including the First Amendment.

Okay, that sounds very reasonable.  Except that Gun Appreciation Day has won the admiration of some rather unsavory people.

Gun Appreciation Day, a prominent effort backed by conservative media outlets and activists to oppose new gun laws, has accepted the sponsorship of a white nationalist organization to promote and mobilize supporters for its January 19 event.

Gun Appreciation Day (GAD) is partnering with the American Third Position (A3P), a political group that describes itself as representing “the unique political interests of white Americans.” According to a party official, the organization is composed of “white nationalists.”

To their credit, GAD has since dropped the banner of support from A3P with a “whoops” statement to the effect that while they welcome the support of a wide variety of groups…

We decided to have an open registration for sponsorship for Gun Appreciation Day put a screening process in place to avoid associating the event or Political Media, Inc. with groups or businesses that might detract from the message.

We mistakenly missed one.

We have removed the group and reiterate this event is not about racial politics, it is about gun politics.

But A3P wasn’t the only moth attracted to the flame.  A group known at Whiteout Press, which espouses neo-Nazi theories (“Is The Media Controlled By Jews?”) also supports Gun Appreciation Day.  So far, the screening process at GAD has not bumped Whiteout Press from their sponsor page.

It would be grossly unfair to gun owners, collectors, or anyone associated with Gun Appreciation Day’s organizing team or the membership of the NRA to tar them all as white supremacists or neo-Nazis.  But you have to wonder why they would be attracting the sponsorship of these volk.

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  1. GAD? As in gadding about? Or egad? Good thing they didn’t plan a Gun Appreciation Year… How ’bout GOD = Gun Obliteration Day?

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