Friday, February 8, 2013

Cover Boy

This is one reason why I dropped my subscription to Time magazine:

Rubio Time 02-08-13

It’s People for politicians.

Charlie Pierce:

My money’s on the fact that, sooner or later, Time is going to regret this one bitterly. The scramble in the courtier press to revive the Republican brand because some Republicans are going out of their way to claim that they’re reviving the brand is one of the more unseemly journalistic escapades of recent years. It is all about whether New Slogans will sell. It is all about the careful nurturing of Bright New Stars (see above) or Young Old Favorites (There seems to be a move afoot to rebuild Paul Ryan as the Giant National Figure he was said to be before Willard Romney picked him and Ryan turned into Sarah Palin with barbells.). It is not in anyway about the fact that, young or old, famous or obscure, any Republican is still wedded to extremist ideology on things like the economy and the environment and the rights of women, and that some little head-fake toward common sense on immigration is not going to be enough to achieve liftoff, no matter how much hot air you blow into his image.

Four years from now, he’s going to be just another Republican.

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  1. Rubio is popular because he’s pretty, he’s comparatively articulate, and he hasn’t made a major gaffe yet. Give him a couple “binders full of women” or “47%” statements in front of a camera somewhere and he’ll be yesterday’s news right quick.

  2. Ah, but this is the TIME I’ve always known. The publisher, Henry Luce, was never interested in a neutrality that becomes a news magazine. He was a rich man with a great idea. Give the public a “very serious” presentation of the news in easily digestible sound bites. News you need to know. News for the Bobos. No doubt Time has hired some brilliant writers but by and large they’ve been relegated to the back page. Even People magazine offers two points of view on its editorial page. Not Henry. He was a Nixon enthusiast. We dropped our subscription 30 years ago.

  3. Time was always too conservative for me; I knew from the 60’s when I was reading magazines we didn’t think alike. However, look at the picture of this man. Do you notice how different the man’s right shoulder is down compared to the left. I know it is common for predominate use limbs that there is a difference, but look how far down the right hand is compared to the left. Wonder if he has had a serious accident in the past?

    • He’s resting his weight on his left leg. It almost looks like he was turning to his right when the shot was taken. Blame it on a bad photographer too interested in his face to take the time to read all his body language.

      Either that, or somebody at Time needs a better grasp of Photoshop.

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