Friday, February 1, 2013

Home On Derange

Sometime back during World War I, Ronald Reagan lived in an apartment in Chicago.  He was four years old at the time, and his family lived there for less than a year.

The University of Chicago now owns the property and plans to demolish it to make room for a parking lot.

To hear Fox News tell it, the Kenyan Socialists are about to blow up Mount Rushmore.

Reagan Apartment 02-01-13

First, there are no plans in the works for an Obama presidential library yet.  Second, as Steve Benen notes, this is a perfect example of how the right-wing echo chamber spools up from zero to full-fledged twitterpation in less than 60 seconds.

Something to keep in mind when your angry uncle who watches Fox News sends you an all-caps email about this later.

4 barks and woofs on “Home On Derange

  1. Afterthought: how about we allow this nutsery its day in the sun (hopefully it’ll melt quickly), and demand a federal law never to build another building/park/monument in the US again? After all, we’ll be trampling someone’s significant space with any new construction.

  2. It’s been my understanding that President Obama, sensibly, has no, none, nada, not any plans to build his own library, except maybe in his own house. So far we have more than any country needs and his papers rightfully belong in the National Archives, should they decide to accept them. He hasn’t commissioned a life-size bust of himself wreathed in laurel either or riding a horse, sword upraised.

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