Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Push Polling

The Miami Dolphins want to renovate their football arena, now known as Sunlife Stadium.  (It has been called several different names because it seems that they will sell the naming rights to anybody.)  They want the state and the taxpayers to come up with some of the money, promising that the newly-refurbished venue will attract a lot more tourism and a lot more business.

I haven’t been keeping up with all the machinations to make this happen, but apparently the team owners feel that it’s necessary to poll the residents of Miami-Dade County in order to find out how we feel about it.  I got the second of two such poll calls last night, and it’s clear that they are pushing us voters to back the proposal.

I endured the call, but I think I made it pretty clear to the pollster that I’m not in favor of taxpayers coughing up a part of the cost unless a few things happen:

  • Every citizen of Miami-Dade County gets into a football game for a reduced price since we’re already paying for the fix-up.  Make it a flat $5 for any seat.
  • Make the Dolphins refund some of the money to the county if they have a losing season.
  • Change the name of the stadium back to the original name it had when it was built: Joe Robbie Stadium.  After all, Mr. Robbie built it all by himself without any help from the taxpayers other than them coming to see a game.

Oh, and tell the polling company that not everyone is awake at whatever hour it was that they called.