Thursday, February 21, 2013

Question of the Day

Apropos of the post below about growing up in Florida…

What do you like the most about the place where you live?

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  1. I was able to afford a home after retiring from the military. Came from California when Enron was doing over the state, and already expensive housing was getting in in the “are you kidding me?” territory. Mortgage payment is less than renting a similar place in my area. No beach, or year round moderate weather, but you sometimes have to compromise to get what you want most.

  2. I like the blue sky, the beaches, the weather, the people, the difference between North Florida and South Florida. I love the craziness that we live with and through. The pluses definitely are more than the minuses.

  3. THE WEATHER! I simply cannot put into words the difference from Ohio and deep south Tx. I have a nice home and we are 25 miles from S. Padre Island or 40 mins. tops. I hate winter and snow, and Ohio has both.

  4. Seattle has a million shades of green, awe inspiring mountain views, and incredible summers with the bluest skies in the world. The winters are mild, with snow only every couple of years (or in the mountains when you want it). Major metro is 45mins away, as are mountains, and your choice of the ocean or the desert is 2hrs. Tough to beat, if you can make it through February…

  5. The old friends. We’ve moved six times in our 64+ years of marriage and will be moving again later this year to be closer to one of our kids. We left here and then moved back because this is where – of all the places we’ve lived – we sort of belong. Neither of us grew up in Ohio, but both have the middle west in our roots. People say “what about the forever gray skies?” and we say we never notice them. Home is where the heart is (you can look it up).

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