Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Stick Around So We Can Hit You

Via Steve Benen, more moaning from the whiny gripers:

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) complained on Fox News [Sunday], “All [President Obama] does is go out and make speeches” instead of negotiating with lawmakers like him. Around the same time, on “Meet the Press,” Republican strategist Mike Murphy argued that the president should “stop the speeches” and “stop the politicization.” Also on “Meet the Press,” Republican pundit Michael Gerson complained about the “outside game [Obama’s] been pursuing,” in which the president hits the road, “beating up on the Congress.”

It’s not exactly subtle: Obama’s GOP detractors aren’t happy about the president taking his message directly to the public though outside-the-beltway events.

Then again, it appears the White House doesn’t much care.

If your choice was to hang around Washington so that John McCain can yell at you or get on Air Force One and head for Vegas, what would you do?

The truth is that the Republicans really hate it that the president gets out to the people because they know he’s really pretty good at it, and besides, every time he tries to sit down and negotiate with the GOP leadership, they kick him in the junk.  So it’s not a tough call to get the hell out of Dodge.

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  1. He tried negotiating with them, and it did not work. I think his power is in the will of the people who elected him twice. We have to keep pressure on Congress where many do not recognize that we are tired of the same old way Republican way which does not work and led us to the mess we are in. Obama is smart to do this.

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