Saturday, February 2, 2013

Tech Note

Some readers who use AVG anti-virus software have been telling me that it is reporting Bark Bark Woof Woof as a threat and sending up warning flares.

Our crack team of cybersecurity analysts have been alerted and they are all over it.  Initial reports indicate that AVG has been having some issues with a feature called Windows Live Writer, which comes from Microsoft’s IM chat program.  It is supposed to allow you to interact with Word Press — the blog’s platform — and suddenly it seems to have developed an allergy to it.  Since I don’t use Windows Live Writer, it is being disabled.  That should clear up the problem.

If you are experiencing a security alert with BBWW, please let me know, and please help by providing information such as which anti-virus software you are using, your choice of browser, and what operating system you use.

If you want to verify that BBWW is as clean as a whistle, go to this AVG site and see what it says about the site.


3 barks and woofs on “Tech Note

  1. 1. Still the same warning when I use IE8
    2. Chrome-clicked on BBWW in my bookmarks and got an “error 324” warning.
    3. Googled BBWW and, ta da, got access.

  2. Uh, oh. Just tried to back click and am caught in a loop. I’ll have to click “home”, then Google BBWW to read more.

    Crap! I hit post comment and got an ad for Surf Canyon!!! WTH??

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