Tuesday, February 5, 2013

You Have To Wonder

Tony Perkins, the hatemonger at one of those kinky right-wing religious cults, has his tail all puffed up about President Obama endorsing gays and lesbians in the Boy Scouts.

This is a man who said he isn’t sure he’d let his sons play football for fear that they’d get hurt–yet he can somehow justify putting boys in physically risky situations like these? No father, including Barack Obama, would want his daughters sharing a tent with grown men in the name of ‘access’–but you don’t hear anyone calling that politically incorrect!

“Why is that when the Religious Rights hears about gay people in the Boy Scouts, the first thing they think about is sex?” — Pop quiz question in Psychology 101.

One bark on “You Have To Wonder

  1. It’s increasingly apparent that the Reichwing – and the FoF/FRC crowd in particular – have an appallingly low opinion of human (specifically male human) morality. Following their horror over Teh Secks to its logical conclusion, they’re postulating that all males (from puberty on through to near-dotage), when faced with other humans, are inherently victims of an irresistable impulse best described as “find a hole, and fill it.” This is not merely a “boys will be boys” attitude: it’s the conviction that men, when faced with an opportunity for sexual activity, will engage in such without regard for any other factor whatsoever.

    Given this attitude, it’s much easier to explain: a) the constant aversion to Teh Ghey; b) the insistence on slut-shaming regarding rape and/or unwanted pregnancy; c) the sexual division within society. Men are unfettered, untrainable, rapacious monsters, and it’s up to the(ir) women to control them; when a woman fails to control her man, it’s proof of either her willingness or her weakness, and when two [gasp] men are involved then it’s contrary to their worldview because for some reason wanton procreation is Divine Design rather than happy (or unhappy) accident.

    This is how they absolve the Mark Sanfords, David Vitters and Newt Gingriches of the world: since they can’t keep it in their pants, it’s not really their fault.

    This is an appallingly base perspective on humanity, and yet it’s core to their efforts to Other anyone who disagrees.

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