Monday, March 11, 2013

Catching Up

I’ve spent some time this morning catching up on some of the news I’ve missed while I’ve been a little out of it, what with this little cold that I had that kept me away from work on Thursday and having Friday as one of my scheduled vacation days.  (Can’t wait to get to the office and see what’s stacked up there….)  I also spent most of yesterday at a car show in Coconut Grove.  That makes three car show weekends in three weeks.

I’ve also been invited to join an informal writing group that meets once a week to share their work.  My first meeting with them is tonight, so I’ll be sharing some of my non-blog/non-theatre writing with them.  Then this coming Saturday in Fort Lauderdale there will be a coffee house at the World and Eye Art Center.  I’ve been asked to contribute works to that, so two of my short plays — Here’s Your Sandwich and Last Exit — will be staged with the help of some very good friends, Bill and Terri.  Oh, and I’m also working on getting ready for the 31st annual Inge Festival in May celebrating the 100th birthday of William Inge, and looking forward to the premiere of my short play Ask Me Anything at Short Cuts 3 at the Lake Worth Playhouse on May 4.

I’m really looking forward to spring break in two weeks.