Friday, March 15, 2013

Catching Up

Go away for a little while for some behind-the-scenes maintenance and look what happens.  Things happen without me.

So I missed out on the big announcement of the election of the new pope.  Turns out to be another old white guy, this time from Argentina, who has 18th century views on things like reproductive rights, marriage equality, the role of women in the Catholic church, and may have been complicit in the disappearance of dissidents during the military dictatorship in Argentina.  A real breath of stale air.

Florida’s Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll resigned a day after she was questioned about her role in a charity scam involving internet gambling.  She is facing possible criminal charges.  Yes, I know the joke is that it’s an event for a public official to not be facing some kind of criminal charge in order to puff up the resume, but this one seems especially egregious: the scam was supposedly raising funds to help veterans, but the only thing it seemed to be doing was separating suckers — both in the internet “cafes” and through charity appeals — of their money.

Scott Prouty, the man who caught Mitt Romney on tape telling the truth about his views of the 47% last spring has come forward and told his story.  I’m sure he’s already getting the shitstorm from the right wingers who are going to dig into his background and make a huge deal about every time he scratched his ass.

The wingnut circus and trade show known as CPAC has hit Washington.  This annual gathering of the desperate and the doomed brings out the best in the conservative movement, which means we’re going to be entertained with all sorts of amusement.  Fortunately these folks are better at being unintentionally funny than they are at winning elections.  Best quote so far: Rep. Louis Gohmert (R-TX): “Vietnam was winnable.”  BYO popcorn.

Did I miss anything else?

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  1. The idle time served you well (if indeed it was idle) – these are some splendid posts. Good writing, MB!

  2. Florida’s Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll resigned a day after she was questioned about her role in a charity scam involving internet gambling. She is facing possible criminal charges.

    This is a fair sampling of the Teahad: back to the political and economic ethics of the Bad Old Days. Why, exactly, should we be surprised that volk like Governor Voldemort and his Death Eaters are guilty of scamming the public? This is how La Florida operated for most of its existence as a state – and is a fair sampling of what “returning to our traditional roots” looks like.

  3. “Vietnam was winnable.” Or, as Otto (Kevin Kline) said in A Fish Called Wanda: “We didn’t lose Vietnam, it was a tie!”

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