Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Here We Go Again

Ed Kilgore has a good idea of what we’re in for if the MSM has their way:

President Obama, having “shifted to the left” since winning re-election, is in a popularity free fall because of his harsh partisan treatment of Republicans and his false prophecies of the negative impact of the taste of austerity offered by an appropriations sequester his staff invented in the first place. Moderate Democrats are fleeing him in hordes, and/or preparing to triangulate against his old-school liberalism.

Republicans, meanwhile, having “rebranded” themselves and shown they are willing to adjust to defeat by bravely attacking the memory of Todd Akin and considering a change in their posture on immigration that’s half-way down the path back to that of George W. Bush, have at the same time held fast on making “runaway spending” their obsession. And they have a new hero: Rand Paul, whose 13-hour filibuster last week showed that principle-based confrontation is the best, the only, the eternal way to secure conservative victory.

In other words, it’s 2009 again and there’s no way that the Democrats, let alone President Obama, can survive the tide of rising Republicanism and their fringed idea of “common sense,” which is all too common and bears little resemblance to sense.

But this is what passes for sage wisdom in a business where the trivial and the trite are the breaking news (did you see how many candy bars Rand Paul scarfed during his filibuster?) and the only difference between Washington and Hollywood is that in real show business, ratings and box office matter.

2 barks and woofs on “Here We Go Again

  1. As I’m wont to say, re: “President Obama, having “shifted to the left” since winning re-election…”: there’s a problem when a course correction to keep the car out of the ditch is a “shift to the left,” especially when “keeping to the center” means continuing off the road, through the field and over the cliff.

  2. Obama might as well fire Joe Biden, name Mitt Romney as his new VP and then resign. It’s the only (far) right thing to do.

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