Monday, March 4, 2013

Just Checking

Does anyone care that Ann Romney blames her husband’s campaign and the media for not letting us see “the real Mitt”?


Didn’t think so.

5 barks and woofs on “Just Checking

  1. Wonder how many people will starve in the third world this year so Ann’s precious horses have soy for feed?

    The disaster in crop production in the US will insure that what Ann does causes those pesky foreigners to starve when their food is shipped to the US.

    That kind of shows what I think of Ann

  2. The Real Mitt speaking on(guess)Fox & Friends bemoaned the fact that he’s not sitting in the Oval Office. All would be well, you know, if only the left wing media had allowed him to win. So we have only ourselves to blame. Are we sorry yet?

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