Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Lousy Socialist

Via the New York Times:

The Dow Jones industrial average, which measures the performance of 30 blue-chip companies, closed with a gain of more than 125 points Tuesday, surpassing its previous record close of 14,164.53, which it achieved nearly five and a half years ago, as well as its record intraday high, set around the same time, of 14,198.10.


Since a low point in March 2009, the Dow Jones index has more than doubled, stunning even the most seasoned stock market watchers. It closed at 14,253.77 Tuesday.

I blame Obama.  He sucks as a socialist.

2 barks and woofs on “Lousy Socialist

  1. Yep, so much for the scare tactics promoted by Wall Street about how bad Obama will be for the business world.

  2. They will still complain about him. They are rich, they want to get richer, and they will still whine. That’s how they roll.

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