Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Question of the Day

Sparked by a commentary heard last night on NPR:

Do you wear cologne/perfume?

Me: No.  Allen once got me some cologne for Christmas and I tried it.  But it mixed with my body chemistry to give off the scent of cucumber salad.  That’s not a bad smell in and of itself, but I got some funny looks at potluck dinners.

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  1. Nope. Nurses don’t because it is obnoxious for the patients. Even the scent of deoderant or bath soap can be annoying.

  2. For work: Reaction by Kenneth Cole. Low-key and fresh. Comes from being in The Great Steam Bath – er, Florida – for all those years, and not wanting clients to be exposed to bantha sweat.

    For play: Fahrenheit by Dior.

    For both: minimal application. I wear cologne, I don’t wander around in a cloud of it.

    And depending on the cucumber salad, I bet you’d smell absolutely edible. ,-)

  3. Somtimes, but not too often. As for the cucumber salad, I had a bad gall bladder about 15 yrs. ago and I was severely allergic to cucumbers; they doubled me up in agony. I cannot to this day do cucumbers.

  4. Rarely. I react badly to something in the carrier liquids of most perfumes. But when I do wear something nice smelling? I buy it from a cool place called Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs…scented oils only, no obnoxious carriers. And I can use these oils to scent the rooms as well….dripped into a tea light and such.

    I actually now get inspired to mix some of my own scents using essential oils and something neutral like jojoba oil as carrier.

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