Thursday, March 21, 2013

Question of the Day

Spring is the time of year when a lot of people turn to the outdoors.

What plans do you have for your garden/greenspace this year?

Despite sincere attempts, I’m not very good at gardening.  My current residence has some very nice flora: several hibiscus trees, two orchids, and a couple of potted plants, including a philodendron that I got over 30 years ago and still going strong, but that’s about it.  Since it’s a rental property, I’m not inclined to make a huge effort to turn it into a bucolic paradise.

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  1. My better half does the gardening and I reluctantly help. Back in ’06 I had a stroke working in the back yard; Russ was pushing me too hard and I have to take it easy and schedule mowing in the morning before it gets too hot; we hit 99 Monday. We have potted planters outside and we had the ash tree and the 2 Royal Florida Palms trimmed. Russ planted two daisy type plants in the rose garden out front. The back yard is a mess because of the drought and the dog. Water rationing is starting in some places here in the valley on 4/1 so we will have to watch our water usage soon.

  2. Gardening…can’t wait! The fruit/vegetable part includes asparagus, rhubarb, strawberries, raspberries, tomatoes, peas, beans, cukes, squash, beets, herbs, and whatever else looks good. The rest of my property has lilies, daisies, tulips, lilacs, phlox, catnip(!), etc. All my time and energy go toward maintaining the edibles; the other plants are self-care and on their own.

    Also, as climate change advances, I plan on putting in a few banana trees. No?

  3. Brown thumb here, and living the apartment life these days. I’ll leave the gardening to Groundskeeping and to the folks with the land to plant things.

  4. Oh, this year is a trifecta of “Rebuild it Better”. We have, frankly,neglected gardening aside from the many flower beds for the last few years. The changing weather patterns give us long very cool springs, hot dry splashes of summer, and then early cool falls…a short season dreadnaught of unripe everything, or withered burnt everything. But as produce prices rise and food safety issues continue, I want my property to produce more than work….I want FOOD.

    So, this year, raised beds will go up at the weekend, with full mini-greenhouse covers; and later…a full greenhouse on the patio…about 12′ x 15′ to grow some things even through winter. We will plant purslane, several salad greens, chard, tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, green beans and whatever else our hungry eyes fall upon.

    And the flower gardens will continue with herbs mixed in with perennials and annual color spots.

  5. I love to work in the yard. I have stuff I want to move around, and plants I need to thin and give away. I can’t wait to get some bright colored pansies, but it is still mighty cold here. We are getting snow Sunday night, so I wait.

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