Monday, March 11, 2013

Sorry To See Him Go, Too

Less than three days after losing one good blog here in Florida, we’re losing another:  South Florida Daily Blog posted its farewell last night.

For five years Rick has been posting links to what he thinks are the best works on South Florida blogs and sharing them with his considerable readership, and doing his own writing as well.  For reasons known only to him, he has shared a lot of the writing that I do here.  There are a lot of really good blogs and sites here, so it has been a honor and a privilege to be chosen by him on such a consistent basis.

I also had several occasions to meet Rick.  He’s a good man, dedicated to his work and his causes, and I’m sorry to see him go.  He has his own reasons, and I will not argue with him for making his choice, but I will say that he is leaving the place better than he found it, a goal that he shares with me both on the blogosphere but on the hiking trails of Colorado, where I know he longs to be.

Thanks, Rick, for everything.  Happy trails.

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  1. Thanks, Bobby. I was a reader of BBWW even before my blogging and a reader I’ll remain. Thanks for all the support on these pages over the years. I’ll see you soon.

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