Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Spam Delight

I’ve been having a little trouble with my e-mail service — nothing we can’t handle — but it’s also led to some interesting spam getting through.  Here’s one piece in its entirety under the subject line of “buuyy VjaqrRa sSupEer Acctivve – otherwise you’ll have impoettence”:

I was ill.

Not even neighbors.

Spring time – dating time! Don’t forget Viagra! Best prices ever at our drugstore!

We dont speak.

Family devotion only goes so far for most people on reaping day.

The e-mail originated in the Netherlands.  Those Dutch can be so dramatic.

And then there was a notification from PayPal that contained my receipt for a payment of $149.49 to “anders gezelius.”  The e-mail came “napkint772 @”., Gracie?  Seriously?

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  1. I was told – I think by you – to refrain from opening this stuff even if tempted because it could cause lasting damage. Consult your physician if the effects last more than 18 hours.

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