Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Ten Years Later

This week marks the tenth anniversary of the start of the invasion of Iraq.

We know now, as a lot of us suspected then, that it was predicated on lies, misinformation, and goading by a president and supposed allies who knew full well that there were no WMD’s in Iraq.  It was all payback and playtime for the neocons who couldn’t bear the fact that even though Saddam Hussein had nothing whatsoever to do with the September 11, 2001 attacks, he was still in power: the one dictator in the world out of so many that we couldn’t leave in place.

So for that we have destroyed countless lives, changed the world’s balance of power, enabled more terrorists, and put our nation on a permanent path of fear, loathing, and exploitation.  And what have we gained?  Nothing.

No war has ever brought true peace.  It only leads to a change in the pieces on the chessboard, which leads to the next war, and the next, and the next after that.  The only way to stop the cycle is to never start it in the first place.

Peace out.

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    • Isn’t it funny, how being thinner and healthier, and spending half as much on utilities as we used to, aren’t important, but starving poor folk is OK because “we’re broke” and AGCC is “a question among scientists”?

      Today’s GOP: determined to expend all the planet’s resources right here and now on their obese, diabetic selves just because they can.

      (Full disclosure: I went all-LED lighting over a year ago. Haven’t regretted it once – especially when the power bill comes in).

      • Give it time, CLW: I’ve heard enough in these parts to expect “you can take my incandescents when…” exclamations on a daily basis. Somebody up here is bound to think a 2nd-Amendment Remedy™ is appropriate response to the Gawdless Librul Soshulist Secular-Humanist Treehuggers (does it have to be about the environment? Doesn’t anybody think that spending less on electricity might be a good idea in and of itself?) and go postal in a Home Depot.

  1. I was a fool and naive back then. I could not contemplate that a President of the United States would actually lie our nation into attacking another country. I figured that was the purview of tyrants and dictators, not duly elected leaders. I have since learned my lesson. Indeed, the talk of Iran smells similar to the lead up in 2003. I will not be so quick to put faith in our industrial/military complex again.

  2. All wars in the Middle East have been fought over oil. No matter what Cheney/Bush said, they wanted access to oil rather than depending on the Saudis whom they considered undependable as future suppliers. They were oil men as well, remember. Winston Churchill wanted oil when he participated in the creation of the country known as Iraq from a collection of desert tribal lands. Iran’s democratically elected president was ousted and the Shah installed by a combination of the USA and the Brits in order to secure oil for British Petroleum. England fought almost to the death in north Africa and then Eisenhower joined them at the start of WWII to protect the Suez Canal and the route to Middle East oil fields which England utterly depended on.

    Will we ever learn? Maybe when we have alternate sources of fuel and/or our own resources America will keep out of foreign adventures. Who knows where the next war will start, but you can bet it will be about oil for a long time into the future.

  3. At my day job today, I interviewed a family from Iraq. I came home and read this conversation and it seemed an ironic coincidence. They got out in 2009. They are rebuilding their lives here. Their 20 something daughter told me, “Many of our friends and family members died.” She told me “people are afraid of us because we wear the scarves, they think we are terrorists sometime.” (Her mother and father spoke limited English.) They lived in Baghdad. They were very nice. I felt vaguely ashamed and I never voted for Bush! This war was born of greed and eliberately nutured by fear. It affected real people.

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