Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Next Generation

Another Bush enters politics.

George P. Bush is officially running for Texas land commissioner — ending months of speculation about which statewide office the grandson of one former president and nephew of another planned to seek.

His spokesman, Trey Newton told The Associated Press that Bush spoke with current Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson before filing the official paperwork Tuesday.

An attorney from Fort Worth and Spanish-speaker whose mother is originally from Mexico, Bush is considered a rising star among conservative Hispanics.

Land commissioner can be a stepping stone to higher office in Texas. Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst served in the post before winning his current job.

Yet another argument for free contraception.

This is Jeb’s son, and while I’m sure he’ll do fine in Texas, I wonder why he isn’t running for office here in Florida.  After all, this is where his dad did his carpetbagging.  Can it be that the market is already saturated with young hot Hispanic Tea Party favorites?

2 barks and woofs on “The Next Generation

  1. No, it’s simply that the voters in Florida are smarter than those in Texas (which shouldn’t be too hard, as a freakin turnip is smarter than most Texans) and wouldn’t vote for another Bush if their lives depended on it (which they do, in a way…)

  2. Check out the pic in the link. Yikes! Is this the love child of Marco Rubio and Wisconsin’s Scott Walker?!?

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