Wednesday, March 6, 2013


I woke up yesterday with a little tickle in the back of my throat that is usually a precursor to a cold.  So I waited all day for it to descend and envelope me, making work miserable.  I resorted to drinking lots of fluids to at least make it tolerable and made a lot of trips across the hall to get rid of the excess.  But it never got beyond the tickle, and a day later, it is where it was… just that little annoyance.  Water helps, and it’s not enough to keep me from getting up and going to work.

That leads me to believe it’s something in the air that is roughing me up; after all, it’s that time of year here in Florida where the trees and stuff start turning their thoughts towards love by spreading their pollen.  A lot of people are bothered by what they call “hay fever,” and we get a lot of that here all year long.  Except that I have heretofore never been bothered by trees having sex… at least not in terms of allergies.  As far as I know, I’m not allergic to anything like that.  Or anything, really.

I wonder, though, as I get older, am I getting more sensitive to stuff like that?  Is it a sign of creeping old fogeyism that I’m now subject to ailments that never bothered me when I was a strong young man?

Or maybe I just need to change the filter in the air conditioning unit.

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  1. That (changing the filters)and try Alka Seltzer Plus for allergies and sneezing and dripping and all that junk. After more than a year of it your father has finally found the answer to, if not finding the source, at least finding a way to live with it. He’s tried everything on the shelf under the heading COLDS, the best being Coricidin, but now he’s found Nirvana in two little red pills.

  2. It could be age because after a certain amount of exposure over time, the body says “enough!” Also, with climate change, new types of vegetation are spreading into different areas. If you change the filter but still have a tickle, then it’s probably an allergy.

  3. Hot lemon and honey soothes the throat. Ocean Spray for nose if congested and salt water gargles may help.
    Change the filter too.

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