Friday, March 29, 2013

Well Regulated

Adam Lanza, the man who attacked Sandy Hook Elementary School in December, was well-armed.

Adam Lanza left a home stuffed with weaponry and carried out the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in a 154-bullet barrage that took less than five minutes, investigators said Thursday in the first detailed account of his surroundings and troubled state of mind.

Search warrants from the second-worst school shooting in American history revealed that the home Lanza shared with his mother in Newtown, Conn., was a veritable arsenal: Authorities found at least nine knives, three Samurai swords, two rifles, 1,600 rounds of ammunition and a 7-foot, wood-handled pole with a blade on one side and a spear on the other.

Authorities also recovered a certificate in Lanza’s name from the National Rifle Association, seven of his journals, drawings that he made and books from the house, including books on living with mental illness.

The warrants offered a thorough look at the environment in which Lanza lived before he shot his mother, Nancy, to death and drove to Sandy Hook on the morning of Dec. 14. Twenty first-graders and six teachers and staff were killed before Lanza shot himself to death with the 155th bullet.

And it will be noted that each of these items was purchased legally.

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    • Actually, Nancy Lanza loved target shooting and urged her son to share her enthusiasm. She was a gun nut. He fell not far from the nut tree.

  1. I’m told (NPR) that young Lanza wanted fame as the deadliest killer in history. His model was the Swedish killer who trapped campers on an island and massacred most if not all of them. I don’t how you track submerged ambitions to murder dozens of unsuspecting and defenseless victims and be crowned for winning the competition. Is there a way to diagnose and treat this sort of warped mind?

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