Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A Little Night Music

Do you remember Green Stamps?

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  1. My grandparents collected them religiously. They would only shop for groceries at the Mic or Mac store which offered Green Stamps and it was my job to paste the stamps in the little books. They would set a target for the item they wanted from the catalog and would counts the weeks until they had collected enough to cash them in. Speaking of Green Stamps do you remember Jewel Tea and the home delivery service?

  2. Goodness.

    Shaw’s and Shop’n’Save used to have them. I can remember the collection books, and the catalogs (which BTW in hindsight made Skymall look good). I don’t remember if Mum ever got anything from them, though she must have, but I remember them – but about the way I remember my third-grade textbooks and how cold Maine schoolyards got in October.

    • Soon as I saw “Shaw’s” and “Shop’n’Save” I knew you were from Maine. I remember driving from Castine to the S&H store in Bangor… and if we were really, REALLY good, to McDonalds afterwards.

  3. Oh, and I still have 5 or 6 books that never got cashed in. Like Allan, I’m waiting for the new Studebaker to come out.

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