Tuesday, April 2, 2013

All In All Good

I don’t do a lot of TV reviews here — theatre and film are more my gig — but I did watch the premiere of Chris Hayes’s new program All In last night on MSNBC, and it was a good start.

He began with an in-depth look at the ruptured oil pipeline in central Arkansas that soaked a residential area, turning it to a discussion over the Keystone XL pipeline and what it might bode for the future of that project.  He then moved on to a discussion on NCAA basketball and how players, especially those that are injured, don’t have much recourse for compensation unless it’s under the table and illegal.  After all, this, like most shows of this nature, cover a lot of bases.

All In replaced The Ed Show with Ed Schultz, who now moves to the graveyard of the weekend evening on cable, presumably giving Lock Up and Caught on Tape a respite.  Mr. Schultz has an audience and a blue collar liberal point of view, but his talk-radio persona seemed out of place in the prime time lineup between the hummingbird-on-crack behavior of Chris Matthews and the comparatively mellower Rachel Maddow.  Mr. Hayes’s approach is energetic without being hyper or confrontational.

5 barks and woofs on “All In All Good

  1. I love the fact that his panelists and guests tend to be people who know what they’re talking about!

    I’ll probably watch All In a lot more than I watched the Ed Show. I liked Ed Schultz too, but his style does fit talk radio a lot better than TV.

  2. I like Chris Hayes on “Up With…” on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Great guests, in depth discussions, etc. Only problem is, when it’s on, I’m up…but not necessarily awake. I’ll try and catch his new show one of these evenings.

  3. Since I live on the West Coast, “Up” was on from 5-7 am, so I did not get to see much of it. Five pm is much better.

  4. I like the switch replacing Ed Schultz with Chris Hayes. I think Chris Hayes followed by Rachel Maddow and then Lawrence O’Donnell is the strongest progressive lineup to be found on the TeeVee. As mentioned above, they all go out of the what to actually research the facts, politely listen to the opposition (especially Rachel Maddow) and deliver a clear, strong message without yelling or screaming. I am glad they are all on our side.

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