Monday, April 8, 2013

Florida High

TPM points to an article in the Palm Beach Post about backers of legalizing medical marijuana in Florida and the connection to Charlie Crist.

Trial lawyer John Morgan, one of President Barack Obama’s top Florida fundraisers, has thrown his clout behind a medical marijuana initiative whose proponents have struggled for more than three years to get the question before Florida voters.

Morgan recently pledged to raise money — and plug in his own, if necessary — to get a measure on the 2014 ballot that would make Florida the 19th state to legalize the growing and purchase of marijuana for medical purposes.

Morgan also happens to be the boss of Charlie Crist, whose name might be alongside the pot measure as the Democratic nominee for governor. Crist served as the Republican governor of Florida from 2009 until he became an independent to finish his losing campaign for the U.S. Senate. He registered as a Democrat in December and has said he’s mulling another run for governor.

Morgan, head of the Orlando-based Morgan & Morgan law firm, says he hasn’t spoken about the measure with Crist, who works as a lawyer in the firm’s Tampa office.

“That has not factored into my decision here,” Morgan said recently. “I plan to talk to Charlie and see what he thinks about all this. But what I do is not governed by what I think Charlie Crist might do.”

But others say the medical marijuana initiative could help draw voters to the polls who would more likely support Crist or another Democratic candidate than Gov. Rick Scott, the Republican incumbent who is seeking re-election.

Pop Tarts and Pringles go great with orange juice.  Or so I’ve heard.

Medical marijuana legalization, like marriage equality, is one of those issues where the dire predictions of doom and debauchery, fire and brimstone, has been thoroughly debunked.  Pot for healthcare has been working in 19 states, and were it not for federal drug laws, chances are that it would be legalized — and regulated — in a lot more places the same way liquor is.  And it would be taxed like crazy, thus insuring the states with a steady stream of revenue.

It’s also a safe issue for politicians to take a stand on.  There’s enough anecdotal evidence to show that medical marijuana is used by people of all different political stripes, and even the Tea Party folk must see that there’s freedom in being able to get baked when the chemo starts to get to you or Glenn Beck is just too much to handle without being stoned.

As for Charlie Crist, he’ll run on anything that will offer a glimmer of getting back to Tallahassee.

One bark on “Florida High

  1. I have to say that I tried mj once in the 70’s. Lord what a night that was. My ex-wife was totally po’d. She didn’t get her toke. I say if they want it, let them have it and tax it like cigs. It is an absolute rat race down here chasing the drug runners. They caught a guy with 27 tons of the stuff two weeks ago down here. It is rediculous spending money chasing these people, prosecuting and incarcerating them.

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