Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Gun Play

The NRA came out with their plan to protect schools from their best customers, and they did it under the watch of their own jack-booted thugs.

The recommendation, among 225 pages of proposals to improve school security, was the culmination of three months of work by a task force led by Asa Hutchinson, a former Republican congressman from Arkansas, who unveiled the plan before a packed news conference with an unusually heavy security presence, including a bomb-sniffing yellow Labrador retriever. A dozen officers in both plain clothes and uniforms stood watch as Mr. Hutchinson spoke; before the event began, one of them warned several photographers to “remain stationary” until it was over.

The plan basically calls for every school to have an armed guard, an idea that worked so well at Columbine in 1999.

The task force panel called on the Departments of Homeland Security, Education and Justice to coordinate school safety efforts and provide grant money for schools to assess their ability to prevent and respond to attacks. It recommended that officers or employees who are armed take a 40- to 60-hour training course to be developed by the rifle association based on a model the task force has designed.

The group also called on states to require schools to develop security plans.

But how and whether the task force recommendations will be put into effect — and the cost — was unclear.

Of course it’s unclear.  This is a bullshit plan put up by the NRA (even though the study group was supposed to be independent, yeah right) and all it is is cover for them so that the next time some tragedy hits they can say, “Hey, we had our plan out there and for some strange reason you didn’t take us seriously.”

Oh, and there’s no mention whatsoever of how it will be paid for, but I have an idea: a 10% surcharge on every gun and piece of ammo sold, be it at a store, gun show, or between friends.  Call it the School Safety tax.

PS: Mr. Hutchinson seems to be in favor of background checks, which puts him at odds with his NRA minders.  Expect a retraction by sundown.

4 barks and woofs on “Gun Play

  1. The American people support sensible gun control laws, and the NRA with the help of the gun industry, want to make more money for the said industry. So who wins? I say, we should keep up the fight, we are worth it.

  2. So…if I read this right, the NRA is going to give 40-60 hour courses…which of course they’ll make money on…so that gun toting educators can protect themselves from gun toting non-educators?

    • If you make that gun toting educators can protect themselves from the gun-toting uneducated, that’ll cover it nicely.

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