Friday, April 26, 2013

Misty Watercolor Memories

If you thought it was nice that all five living former and the current president got together yesterday to dedicate the George W. Bush Presidential Center, and you thought it was magnanimous of men like Bill Clinton and Barack Obama to say nice things about him, well, I’m not going to pee on your campfire.  Let him have his moment in the sun and all that; he’s out of office and can’t do us anymore harm except to continue to assault the English language.

Conservatives accused Democrats and liberals of hating him blindly, of never giving him the chance to prove that he’s not evil incarnate.  (Ironically, a lot of conservatives have done the exact same thing to Barack Obama, so I guess they know what they’re talking about.)

Personally I never hated George W. Bush.  That would mean I actually cared about him.  But I could never muster the energy to actually give a shit about him as a person.  His policies and his methods of governing and the things done in his name are another matter.  And so while I never made it personal, and I don’t really care about his museum or the attempt by his minions to polish up the turd that was his administration, I do remember the reasons that I counted down the days until he was out of office and back in Texas where the worst thing he could do to the sensibilities of the world was to launch an attack on the art world with his new-found toy: a paint brush.

If you need a reminder of what it was like, Steven Rosenfeld at Jezebel has compiled a concise list of the 50 reasons a lot of people despised the presidency of George W. Bush.  Some are little, but most of them are harsh reminders that while it’s fine to let him have his little museum, it is a monument to abject failure.

Actually, the real monument to his legacy are the rows of white marble stones in Arlington National Cemetery and the other graveyards around the country where young men and women now lie because of his lies.  Paint that, Mr. Bush.

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  1. I think the whole idea of former Presidents building a stone memorial to themselves is in itself unseemly. The only one who seems to have done retirement right is Jimmy Carter. His monument is using his name and money to try to solve unsolvable problems. To use one example, the efforts of Carter combined with those of aid workers, doctors and nurses has virtually eliminated the scourge of guinea worm that blinded countless children in Africa. He has taken on monitoring elections in newly formed democracies, too. He may annoy us by his inclination to be the preacher, but in my mind he’s earned the right. I hope Barack Obama will follow Carter’s path.

  2. Yeah, 50 reasons why I stayed on anti-depressants for six of his eight years. He was a puppet, perhaps….but he sure liked those strings well enough to cheat to keep ’em. And yes….the body count keeps accruing on what he started without a thought of it ever ending.

    • I too, syrbaL/Labrys. I even referred to my meds as my “antidepresident.”

      I wish I could say I do not utterly loathe GeeDubya Bush, but I do. He embodies in one person the worst characteristics of the rich, powerful, mean and stupid. If he can’t be tried, sentenced and sent to prison, send him home to the ranch and forget about him; that’s what he so richly deserves.

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