Monday, April 29, 2013

Short Week

Things are going to be a little hectic around here for the next few days.  The 32nd annual William Inge Festival starts this Wednesday and I’ll be heading there way before the crack of dawn that morning.  As usual I’ll be blogging from there with stories of reunions and theatre nerd goodness.  Then I get back here on Saturday in time to go up to Lake Worth to see the premiere of one of my plays as a part of Short Cuts 3 at the Lake Worth Playhouse.  Then I turn around the following weekend and go to Ohio for Mother’s Day.

So blogging here the next few days is going to be short and, I hope, sweet.

PS: Yes, I did finish my paper for the conference.  I will now spend the next five days doing the little tweaks and fidgets to it that, unlike a blog post, I have time to do before posting.