Friday, April 19, 2013

Standoff – Ctd

So here we are, almost 14 hours since my last post (long day at the office), and not a lot has changed in terms of the hunt for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.  The city and suburbs of Boston are still on lock-down, the police are searching house-to-house in Watertown, and other than all of the biographical information that has been dug up about Mr. Tsarnaev that serves to fill the time while the anchors on cable TV vamp between news tidbits, we know as much about him and his brother’s motives as we did last night and early this morning.

That’s just a statement of fact, not a complaint.  Let the police do their job.  Some people may be inconvenienced, some people may be annoyed, and some may be pissed that the Red Sox are postponing their game at Fenway Park.  To them I offer a heart-felt “get bent.”  These people are putting their lives on the line so you can go back to work or go see a ball game without having to worry about someone’s backpack exploding, and one police officer has already been killed in the process.

I hope it ends soon for the sake of the men and women who are doing their job to catch this guy.

By the way, for all those wingnuts who were predicting that these had to be some brown-skinned jihadists who slipped into the country over the border from Mexico, they too can avail themselves of getting bent.  The Tsarnaev brothers came to America over a decade ago — Dzhokhar was nine at the time — with all the right papers and became U.S. citizens.  And since they were originally from Chechnya, which is in the Caucasus region, they are literally Caucasians.