Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Texas Murders

They aren’t saying it officially, but according to TPM, Texas law enforcement authorities are suspicious that white supremacists are connected to the murders of two Texas prosecutors, the most recent last weekend.

Kaufman County District Attorney Mike McLelland and his wife were found dead Saturday in their East Texas home. The killings were especially jarring because they happened just a couple of months after one of the county’s assistant district attorneys, Mark Hasse, was killed in a parking lot near his courthouse office.

McLelland was part of a multi-agency task force that took part in the investigation of the Aryan Brotherhood. The task force also included the FBI, the Drug Enforcement Administration as well as police departments in Houston and Fort Worth.

Investigators have declined to say if the group is the focus of their efforts, but the state Department of Public Safety bulletin warned that the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas is “involved in issuing orders to inflict ‘mass casualties or death’ to law enforcement officials involved in the recent case.”

There is also an unrelated but similar connection between the white supremacists and the killing of Tom Clements, the chief of the Colorado prison system.

The rise in the number of white supremacist hate groups has been noted for a long time, at least since 2000.  It’s tied to all sorts of reasons: terrorist attacks from Islamic fringe groups, the economic crash, and the election of the first African-American president.

I doubt that there’s a direct connection between the election of Barack Obama and the murder of DA Mike McLelland and his wife last Saturday.  But as a noted (albeit fictional) criminal investigator frequently notes, there are no coincidences.

5 barks and woofs on “Texas Murders

  1. But Rush says the Mexican drug gangs are to blame because, well, you know, Mexicans.

    It’s hard to know who to believe.


  2. And if the McLellands, the Hasses and the Clements had all had their own personal arsenals that they knew well enough to load and fire in their sleep, then the spree might have stopped with one of them and the killers brought to instant and permanent “justice.” Though there will, of course, point to the killings as just another way to shrink Intrusive Big Gubmint.


  3. Down here in deep south Tx. last night the DA in
    Cameron County was on the tv news. He was adamant that there was no increased security at the court house or any government employees over these killings; that’s like waving a red flag at a bull. Come and get ’em!

  4. SPLC has had an eye on the 211 Group in Colorado for some time. It’s a particularly vicious Aryan Brotherhood offshoot with maybe 1000 members and roams southern Colorado aiming at law enforcement. Of course, if these nuts were located in Georgia they’d run up against the armed households complying with the new gun-ownership-on-demand law mixed in with the revitalized Klan and we could see a nice little turf war.

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